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Romantic dreams

Grace Abris Hotel offers to organize your romantic evening. You just have to fully enjoy a wonderful evening with your soulmate.

Romantic dream

Are you newlyweds? Or have you not formalized the bonds of love yet? This service package is for you! Have you been together for many years? Have you been through a lot hand in hand? This service package is for you! Imagine a candlelit dinner, warm atmosphere, relaxing music, light snacks. And just the two of you! It's time to remember how you met, how the first meetings began, what emotions were, how hearts fluttered, and that very first kiss ... This will never happen again! Make a gift to yourself and your soulmate! May warm memories be added to your life! We have prepared everything for you. In the evening, an amazing atmosphere awaits you in your room: rose petals, sparkling wine (1 bottle), "Fruit Fantasy".

While you have free time, the room is designed for a romantic atmosphere and in the evening you will find: Decoration in the room (rose petals); Sparkling wine 1 bottle, "Fruit Fantasy".

Price - 3800 rubles.

Romantic kiss 

Do you just want to be alone? To please your soul mate for no reason? Or maybe there was a reason? Then this package is for you! After an evening walk along the embankment, where the sound of the waves fills the hearts with romance, where the breeze is with a slightly salty aroma, you will return to the romantic atmosphere that we have prepared especially for you! Cozy lighting, sparkling wine (1 bot.), Fruit Fantasy. Price - 2800 rubles.

Sweet dreams-kid 

Is your child a year older today? Do you want this day to be remembered for a long time? This service package is for you! Nothing pleases the heart like a sparkle in the eyes of a baby! Give your child a holiday! They will give him sweets and decorate this day with balloons. And it's all just for him! Get ready to take memorable photos.

Price - 2800 rubles.

Sweet dreams 

Do you want to surprise your birthday? Modest, but tasteful? This package is for you! For your return, the room is decorated with helium balloons, and sparkling wine flaunts on a beautifully decorated table, in addition to which - a fruit plate.

Price - 3800 rubles.

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